Come one, come all to the official website magical magorium of writer, artist, serial thing-maker and all round goodish egg Leanne Fitzpatrick. That’s me. Just in case you hadn’t guessed.

This here doo-hickey be the ultimate evolution of many years being a professional amateur. There be wordy books, picturey books, colouring books… and probably a half eaten scone somewhere.

If the pretties be to your liking, look at some more. Go on, I don’t mind. If you’re not in the mood for the pretties, perhaps the books of words have caught your eye? They do flutter so delightfully. No? In that case, you must be looking for blatherings. Well my old chum you’re in the right place for that. I blather a lot. Blather, blather. See? For more concise blatherings, you may find the blatherblog suits your most refined tastes.

If none of that’s your cup of tea, well then, I don’t know what to tell you. Would you like to watch me make a mess? I do that sometimes, you know. So lucky I just happen to have a playlist over yonder where I have a lot of fun making messes. Or you can feast your eyes on the wonders of my not at all cherry-picked slice-o-life webcomic.

Novels, Short Stories and Colouring Books Out Now!

Oh what a time to be alive! All of this stuff, just sitting here, minding its own business just waiting to leap into your eyes and settle in your brainmeats. Look at them. You know you want to.