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Welcome to the Magical Magorium

I am your host and curator.

Actually that's a lie, I'm more like the little old lady that works in the second hand bookshop. You know the one. You're not sure if those are peppermints or mothballs falling out of that hole in her cardigan pocket. When she looks at you you can't tell is she's looking at the air an inch in front of you, or whether she's looking right through you and past the horizon as she contemplates the closing end to her life. That's me, and I am responsible for everything here, so please feel free to dust off a chair, have a look around and see what you fancy. I won't give you a funny look. At least not more than once. (Maybe twice)

So what is there here for you? Well, there are stories. All sorts of stories. Some are spoken, some aren't. Some are words, others are images. Telling stories is the only thing that has stayed constant in my ever changing career path.

The blog is... well, it's not so much a curated collection of oddities as the constant ramblings of someone who doesn't know how to stick to a "theme". You'll have everything from weight loss and lifestyle, to writing and thing-making. Not in that order, and definitely not that frequently.

So that's about it. There are books, comics and videos for you to feast your eyes on so you might want a cup of tea while you're here, and don't forget to leave me a comment telling me what you think.

Even if you hate everything.

It's all good in the end.