#MarchFatness: Inaugural Post

March Fatness is: 2 Authors, 1 month and a Whole Lot 'o Fat

 It all began with a tweet. Friend and fellow author Olivia R Burton posed the idea of doing a little exercise/fitness challenge for the month of March, and I, being the sort of person that needs a challenge to keep me accountable for getting my huge arse off of the settee, tweeted back "I'm in if you are."

What followed from our impulsive decision was a flurry of half-soaked planning which goes as follows:

1st March - Inaugural post (This post in fact) on both blogs. Olivia's is here:
Even Days: Yours truly will be making mini updates here.
Odd Days: Mini updates on Olivia's blog.
Sundays: Official Check/Weigh in.

#MarchFatness: The Beginning of the End

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not exactly enthusiastic about movement. My idea of a good time is sitting on the settee wrapped in blankets with laptop, music, hot chocolate and biscuits. I'm a year round hibernating bear, is what I'm getting at here... but bears are supposed to get fat. Humans, I think, aren't, and until someone can prove otherwise, I guess I count as human.

Now I would have carried on my merry way if I hadn't stepped on the scales a few days ago and seen that my weight was over 300lbs. not by a couple ounces, but by a good half-stone. I was not at my happiest in that moment, I can tell you, and since I have a bloody gym membership I decided it was time to stop beating my stubborn head against the wall and actually make use of the gym.

To that end, I did what any self respecting procrastinator does: I planned.

initial weighin for #marchfatness
initial measurements for #marchfatness
#marchfatness weight loss chart

See that? That's the Swirling vortex of Doom representing my weight loss (not even all of it either.) See the shit I've let myself get into? I don't want to have to draw you a picture. That said, if I did draw you a picture, is would be Jabba the Hut.

Like Olivia, I'll be tracking my food and water intake. I even have a little graph in my diary ready and waiting for me to input data. I like visual representations.

I've also set myself a goal for the month: to lose 7lbs. Its half a stone and works out to just under 2lbs a week. If I keep burning 1000 cals a day and eating the right sort of food, I don't see why I can't manage it.

And that just about wraps everything up for today. I'm back tomorrow for a mini update since I'm on even days, cneck out #MarchFatness on twitter/instagram for quirky things, and check out Olivia's Inaugural Post about this stupid thing we decided to throw together last night.

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