#MarchFatness: Day 4. The day my patience was tested

#MarchFatness is off to a good start. It’s a quick update today, because this has been a day that would truly test the patience of a saint and it doesn’t look like its going to improve or end any time soon.

Current mood: Ultimate Hangry.

There was no gym today as I was busy with work and having morons reverse out of their driveways almost into my car, however I think I have managed to burn 15,000 calories is screaming obscenities.

Legitimate exercise has been taken by furiously ransacking my home and throwing out a lot of stuff. I live in a top floor flat with no lift. I got my strength and cardio constantly going up and down the stairs.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day. This is my mantra.

Also its the first official check in with Olivia (read her day 1 & 2 updates here). Also also fellow writer Naomi Clark is joining us to talk about her chocolate-free month. Be sure to come back and check that out!

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