#MarchFatness: Check-in 1 – Not quite falling at the first hurdle

Well here we are...

'T'is the first Sunday in March and we are still here, fighting fit and possibly fancy free. I am a little sore in the thighs from all the upping-and-downing of stairs and am sitting here contemplating getting up and actually doing my official weigh in. I am, I admit, a wee bit nervous. I had a couple of wobbles during the week what with one thing and another, so I reckon a little bit of procrastination and thought gathering before I face the music is just the thing for a lazy Sunday.

Heh, lazy Sunday. I wish. I'm still on a ransacking-of-the-home-environment mission, so there is still going to be movement and exercise. Lets get started then, shall we?

Meal Plan

2x butter & ham on 50/50 bread 3 medium eggs scrambled in butter

6" Tuna mayo sub w/ salad

Homemade chicken, leek & ham pie w/ pastry, Mashed potatos, carrot & swede mash, broccoli

3x Subway choc chip cookies
Bacon & Egg sandwich   Puff Pastry pizza w/ tomato, cheddar, mozzarella, onion 3x choc chip cookies
Porridge w/ water, cinnamon and 1oz raisins Bacon, mushroom, onion sandwich on malted seeded loaf w/ rocket Cottage pie w/ carrot & swede mash topping 2x 1/4lb cheeseburgers w/ salad
butter & jam on toast   2x Bacon, cheese, onion & egg wraps 2x scone w/ butter and jam


Food Diary

Honestly, I think I did mostly okay? Most meals were home made, and we had take out only once. I'm still a bit miffed about the take out because it was a moment of weakness... but it happened, and now I just need to refocus my efforts and actually get my head set for next week.

Probably my choice in foods was not the greatest either. I've been toying with batch cooking on and off, and it might possibly work as long as I manage to do it? I don't know. We have a market twice a week and an Aldi, so maybe shopping twice a week might be better for us. I don't know. I'll keep experimenting and see what works best for us.

#MarchFatness 1st Check in

I choose to believe that's muscle weight I put on...

Lessons Learned

Even though this was more of a half week, not having a solid plan in place left me open to my own weakness- hence skipped meals, take-away etc. I also rediscovered my weakness for emoional eating which I have absolutely no intention of induging ever again. Two burgers? Come on... that's just gross.

So, the plan going forward is this:

  1. Today I will take the time to sit down and plan what we're eating.
  2. There will be gymming. Since I've convinced the other half to join me, I won't have an excuse. He wants to lose weight too (He's only got 20lbs or so, but since his frame is small, it shows).
  3. Denying nice things doesn't work and ends up with me gorging. Therefore, nice things will be allowed, but will also be portioned. For eg, I'm going to be making loads of little ginger and lime cheesecakes to go in the freezer. A couple of those a week won't harm my goals as they'll be built into the calorie intake.

But enough about me. Lets have a look at how Olivia's been doing this week!

Olivia's #MarchFatness so far...

So, I started things on Wednesday at 179lbs, I’m only 178 now, and overall I feel about the same, except for being achy from all the exercise >.>
Before picture:
#MarchFatness Start Photo
Check in Day
I’ve been sleeping like an idiot this week, only going to be at about 3 or 4pm when I know I have to get up at 9pm, so I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and supplementing here and there with 5hr energy shots, just to survive at work. It’s also been a big change-over for stuff at my hotel so that’s involved more work, which bloooowwwss. This week I’m expecting it all to be even harder since Cody has his heart surgery and his mom will be in town. I’m gonna have to sneak in exercise where I can! I’ll probably be doing a lot of the quick ten minute work outs like I did on Thursday (https://www.instagram.com/p/BRJHW60l-0H/?taken-by=naeko). Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Olivia R. Burton

Fantastic! At least one of us is doing well and losing weight- even 1lb is better than nothing.

Now, even though this whole #MarchFatness thing was started on a whim between Olivia and myself, we also managed to rope in our chum (also a writer) Naomi Clark who, although not losing weight, is also setting herself a challenge this month, so over to her for her one week review of her DeChox!

The DeChox Blog

So March is Dechox month for the British Heart Foundation – a sponsored challenge to give up chocolate for the month and raise some money for the BHF. Since my dad died of heart failure in 2012, I've made an effort to donate something to the BHF each year. This year, I decided to combine it with the Dechox because...well, I eat a lot of chocolate. Like, a lot of chocolate. Every day. Some times several times a day. So I figured this would be good for me as well as for a charity that means a lot to me.

And it's going pretty well so far! In fact, it's going perfectly, because I'm five days in and I haven't had a single piece of chocolate, which is something of a record for me. I did spent some time debating whether chocolate-flavoured tea counts as chocolate, but in the end I decided not to try to find work-arounds, and just go completely cold turkey. I did anticipate it being a struggle. Chocolate really is my Achilles' heel. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't particularly care for other sweets or snacks. But I absolutely adore chocolate, and because I'm fancy, I especially adore expensive chocolate. So giving it up for a month seemed really daunting when I first decided to do it, but so far I haven't had the cravings I expected. I did have a minor crisis on the first day when I got to work exhausted from lack of sleep, decided to have a mocha to wake myself up, and then remembered what a mocha is, and immediately regretted ever deciding to get involved with the whole stupid thing, but that passed pretty quickly.

I'm hoping it stays this easy. Patting myself on the back after just five days seems a bit pointless. I do think getting through the first weekend without any wobbles or near-misses is a good sign. My usual habit at the weekend is to sit down with whatever story I'm writing, a pot of tea, and a huge bar of Lindt. Yesterday I swapped out the Lindt for a bag of yogurt-coated banana chips. NOT AS GOOD. But eh. Today I said "sod the whole thing" and just went out to the cinema and then had such a huge meal afterwards that I probably won't want to eat anything, let alone chocolate, for days (this is not a healthy attitude towards food, kids, by the way).

Anyway! The main point is, I'm five days in, it's going well, and there's only twenty-six days left to go...

My Just Giving page is here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dechox2017naomijay

If anyone wants to chip in and sponsor me or spread the word, that would be awesome! 2000 families in the UK lose someone to heart disease every week. While I'm worrying about mochas and grousing about banana chips, life-saving research is being done by the BHF, and that's the real point here.

The Roundup!

So that's it for the first check in of our #MarchFatness. Olivia is making progress, Naomi is breaking personal goals and not quite ready to murder people yet and I'm bringing up the rear with what I'm hoping is muscle gain and water retention rather than gaining even more fat.

I'm not sure about the others, but my goals are to re-focus and re-double my efforts.

And lets have that link to the British Heart Foundation, because it's a good cause, and one, if I don't get my act together, I'll probably end up making use of before too long:

Sponsor Naomi and support the BHF


Also, be sure to check out both Olivia and Naomi on their blogs. Both have fantastic books out, and I would heartily recommend Naomi's Ethan Banning books, as well as Olivia's Gwen books. Two utterly hapless self-sabotaging protagonists that I would dearly love to see team up, if only for the constant bitching between them.

And that about wraps it up for today. I'll be blogging on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week on here, and then we'll all be over on Olivia's blog for our second check in, where I'll hopefully have a better result than this week. Toodle Pip, y'all.

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