#MarchFatness: Day 8

So technically this is the start of week 2. I made the mistake of checking the scales and I’m now up an entire 3lbs. I’m trying not to be pissed about it. It could be from anything. It’s entirely possibly I’m not actually gaining more fat.

It’s more than likely that I am though. Feck.

Urgh. My mood has steadily gone down this week. I’m hoping its biological and will be gone soon, unfortunately I pushed a bit too far at the gym yesterday so I’m not entirely sure if the soreness is muscle strain or cramps. Stupid body.

Good Stuff: The dairy farm down the road has started selling raw milk. It’s fantastic. I have three litres of the stuff sitting in the fridge right now, and as much as I want to guzzle it because it’s bloody delicious, I’m letting all the cream rise up so I’ll be drinking skim milk, and making yoghurt from it all.

I’m also cutting out as many carbs as I can. I tend to feel bloaty after them, so for the next couple of weeks I’m cutting out breads, pasta and rice to see how I go. To be honest I can probably live without pasta, but I adore sushi so unless I find an alternative, I’ll be slowly adding rice back into the diet if needed.

Bad Stuff: My back is killing me and I’ve twisted my left knee which actually makes moving hurt. I was supposed to go to choir tonight, but I can neither walk there, justify taking the car 500 yards, or stand up the entire time. I’m really bloody annoyed at the moment and am looking into getting a knee brace. It’s always when I try to get up too. Joke!

Meh Stuff: I’ve kinda lost my enthusiasm for everything. It’s all just Meh. I burned 800 calories at the gym yesterday… I don’t look or feel any different, but I just saw my parents and they both said I’d lost weight which is something I guess?

I dunno.


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