#MarchFatness: Day 10 – The day the internet fritzed out

This update comes a little late since my interner decided it didn’t want to work when I wanted it to work.

Current mood is somewhat more stable that it was last update. Occassionally I’ll catch myself in the living room mirror and it’ll look like I’ve lost a bit of my triple chin, but then I stop, check and realise its more down to angle than actual fat disappearing.

I’m avoiding the scales at all costs until tomorrow when we do our second weigh in. I’m sort of dreading it.

Tracking everything is helping immensely. I’m definitely making better choices in food, discovering what I can and cant eat (normal cheese yes, melted cheese BY-THE-FIRES-OF-HELL-NO!)

I’m definitely realising that my water intake is terrible if I’m not at the gym. I forget I need to actually drink more. I don’t really count tea or coffee as they always leave me feeling more thirsty after. So that’s something I need to fix from today.

Exercise wise I haven’t been to the gym in a few days which is terrible of me. In my defence however, there has been major unfucking of my home. Desks are being moved, sofa’s are being pulled apart. A blood sacrifice has already been taken by the bloody staples they use to keep everything together.

Think is, some of the wood they used is actually pretty good quality, so I reckon I can make a cat tree out of it. I have some spare carpet for flat platforms. I just need some rope for them to scratch and they’ll happily ignore it in favour of whatever I’m sitting on. Bloody cats.

And that’s about it for today. I’m going to work up a sweat today finishing the dismantling. I feel less sluggish in myself too. I’ve been asleep before midnight the last few days and naturally waking up before my alarm at 7am so I’m gonna make that trend a habit.

Oh yeah, and I wrote 4000 words on a Cherry story yesterday. You remember Cherry, right? Her book is coming out soonish 🙂

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