#MarchFatness Day 14: The New Horizon

We’re off to a good start this week of #MarchFatness.

Yesterday I ended up working a full twelve hours with clients and on personal projects, so the gym didn’t happen. I did however walk to my clients house so I at least got some exercise in.

Food has been good. Yesterday was an omelette with onion and spinach, with eggs fresh from the hatch box (client’s friend has chickens. Bolshy little buggers that are laying a storm at the minute) and in the evening it was chicken salad.

Today I’m feeling a wee bit delicate so I’m going easy on the food and drinking gallons of fruit tea while the house smells of chicken stock (because no way am I wasting good stock when I can make a chicken soup later).

My water intake has been poor the last few weeks, so I’m using today- a day when I have no clients to see and can spend my day at my desk working on personal projects – to kick start that back up again. I have a 1ltr carafe. My aim is to drink at least three of them. I still have a packet of Sencha tea to open and a Moriarty Tea from Beastly Beverages to finish (honestly, the Moriarty tea is god-damn amazing!)

Tonight I hope to go to the gym once I’m feeling less delicate. Failing that, the manchum and I may go for an evening stroll down the canal. It looks like a nice day, so the tow path should be dry enough by now.

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