#MarchFatness Day 16: The one with minutes that last for hours

You know when you have a day? I’m having one of those days for #MarchFatness right now.

Both me and the Manchum wanted to go to the gym today, and couldn’t because we were waiting for a delivery. Said delivery has a window of 8am to 8pm. Yeah. You read that right. A 12 hour window. Jesus, talk about a wasted day. Add to that alternate days when we’ve both been sickly and pathetic and well… the week has been shittybollocks really.

Food wise we’ve fucked up this week. With one thing and another I’ve done precisely zero cooking. We’ve been living on left overs, shit, junk and today we got fish and chips. I’ve been feeling bloated, gassy and all around shit ever since. Not doing that again. Ever. I’ll make my bleeding own.

My water intake has also been lacking. I did manage to drink about a litre of orange juice over the course of the day, but now I have heart burn… I will get back to drinking water again. It’s ridiculous how lousy I feel now I know what its like to be hydrated.

Honestly I just feel lousy all over. I’m severely lacking in motivation, exercising has been a complete wash out- fair enough I’ve been walking every day and been more active around the house, but it’s not enough. I look and feel like I’m getting fatter and I don’t like it in the slightest.

I just wish my body and brain would sync up for once so I could maybe not be ill when I want to go work out.

Fucksticks. That’s my general feeling at the moment.

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