#MarchFatness Day 18: The Day Before Judgement

Well here we are. Three weeks in and there seems to be a whole of of nothing happening in the weightloss department. I did think at one point that my thighs were a little smaller but that might just be water weight considering I’ve been drinking lots of water again.

Food wise I’ve been better, limiting myself to three good meals a day and snacks in between. A good shop is in order so I;ll be doing that on Monday and stocking up on vegetables and shit.

Cooking every day isn’t working for me. I don’t enjoy it enough to do it every day, so I think batch cooking is the way to go. You know- boiling enough eggs to last for three days and munching on them, freezer foods. That sort of thing. Speaking of which I’m fairly sure I still have some meals waiting to be defrosted.

So, how’re we doing?

Water intake is getting better

Food choices are getting healthier.

Exercising has been more gentle. There’s been a bug going round which I think I sort of caught the tail end of, but it affected me enough to know putting my body under any level of pressure at the gym would not have ended well for anyone involved.

Sitting down and writing out every expenditure is definitely making me see how much we waste on takeaway food so that’s going to stop. Besides, I know I need to eat much more in the way of vegetables.

We’ve got the official weigh in tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be a massive balloon for that. I’d be somewhat cheesed off by that.

Other than that, I’m in a better frame of mind, writing seems to be going well and there’s a possibility of good things on the horizon, so we’ll check in with Olivia and Naomi tomorrow and see who’d having trials or tribulations.

Side note- had anyone else noticed that all the feel-good motivational meme things have a lot of pink in them? What is wrong with the rest of the colour wheel?


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