#MarchFatness Day 31: The wrap up

So #MarchFatness 2017 is officially over today and I am…

Hmm. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this. Probably relieved, annoyed and disappointed if I’m being completely honest.

Relieved: I ended the month at the same weight that I started. I did better at doing a little bit of exercise every day (even if it wasn’t focused exercise but mostly just moving around more.

Annoyed: I didn’t reach the target I wanted to. I wanted to be under 300lbs by now.

Disappointed: I didn’t get to the gym as often as I wanted to. My aim is to improve that in the future.

Good stuff:

Even though weight doesn’t seem to be shifting, inches are actually disappearing. I’ve lost 1″ off my neck, 1″ off my waist, “2 of each of my thighs. I’m actually feeling pretty good about this. I thought my trousers were a little looser around the legs and knees, but now I have proof I wasn’t just imagining it.


I managed to do a little bit of something exercise related pretty much every day. Motivation flagged this last week what with my weight being up to 308lbs and work going a bit more than haywire, but I think I did quite well.

Going Forward.

I’m in this for the long haul. By long haul I mean a minimum of two years. This month has given me a good baseline to work from and improve upon despite my disappointing performance. I’ve learned a little about my strengths and weakness’ and now i know what I need to do in order to keep myself progressing.

  • FOOD
    • Keep a food diary
      • The weeks where I religiously documented my calorie intake are the same weeks where I went to the gym more and also lost the most weight
        • Lesson: I need to keep account of my calorie intake. I don’t need to obsess about it- keeping a note of it and inputting everything once a day is enough
    • Make a weekly meal plan
      • When I knew what I was eating not only did I have more enthusiasm for cooking, but I also spent less at the shops
        • Lesson: Plan meals, batch cook and eat the same/left overs more often, have a shopping list.
    • I definitely became more lax in water intake when I didn’t keep a running total of how much I was drinking.
      • Lesson: Keep a water intake diary. Drink more fruit teas. They’re good cold and they count towards daily intake.
    • Blogging about my adventures every other day definitely helped to keep it all in my head and make sure I was doing stuff. However, I have learned that blogging about it every other day is too much. By the end of the month I was getting resentful and stressed at the thought of it. Everything piled up and I found I had no enthusiasm for writing about my weight loss. I was not losing weight and also barely having a life outside of working and sleeping.
      • Lesson: Sitting down every other day to collect my thoughts and put it into some sort of cohesive blog post is not my most favourite thing ever. Once a week should suffice.
        • That is to say, I thing I should say something about every day I do something and keep a running diary, however I may only publish it once a week. Probably on a Sunday.
        • I spend enough time on the computer as it is. A video diary will probably be a better as I can do that on the go, and maybe it’d be interesting to actually see my progress when I look back over the month.
        • I don’t have to post it publicly, but uploading it somewhere would be good. It’ll get me into a routine and I’ll start thinking about what I’m doing, i.e daily trips and walking instead of just going to the gym all the time. There are a few nice places to walk what with the parks, canals and rivers in the Midlands. Pretty sure there’s public access woodland too, and summer is coming.

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