April 2017: Goals, tasks and ongoing projects

March ended on a sour note, both with my personal weight loss/health goals and through the actions & decisions made by people I once considered friends. Hey ho, such is life. I'm choosing to think of it as excess emotional baggage becoming flotsam and lightening the load I have going forward.

April is going to be a fresh start. No looking back on past mistakes unless it's with a view to reminding myself of the lessons I have learned. To that end, I'm having a god old fashioned sit down with notebook and paper and I am planning my goals and schedule for this month. I have added more than I think I'll get done simply because I like the challenge and it gives me a spring board to begin May with. So, without further ado, let's get on with it, shall we?

Writing Goals

Finish Cassie: Silver Screen Siren 1st draft

Begin the plotting for (working title) Mini Pig

Begin writing 1st draft of Lily & Owen: Monster Hunters

Begin working on Dawson Evans/SlendFRO podcast scripts

Household Tasks

Ransack the bedroom and get rid of everything not essential

Organise the wardrobe.

Throw out/Donate clothes I won't wear or don't fit

Clear out under the desks

Comic Stuff

10yrs+ Apr 6th

10yrs+ Apr 13th

10yrs+ Apr 20th

10yrs+ Apr 27th

Blogs n Vlogs


  • April 1st Goal Setting Blog
  • Character Interview: Cherry Garcia
  • Ghoultide Greetings Cover Reveal
  • Death Wears a Top Hat Cover Reveal

Weightloss Vlogs

  • Chubby McFatpants 1st Update
  • Chubby McFatpants 2nd Update
  • Chubby McFatpants 3rd Update
  • Chubby McFatpants 4th Update

So there's a nice little lot to keep me busy. It looks like a lot, but with the vlogs it's more like a few minutes every day that I can edit together on a Sunday morning. Cover art I'm okay doing, but would much prefer to hire a professional that can make something much better that I could- still as long as things come off this month as I'm hoping they will, I should have some pennies to do that. If I do, it shall be very exciting and will really kick start a few projects I've got my eye on doing.

And now for something completely different

Let's have something a little bit new. I learned to read tarot a few years ago now. Other than for the odd mention I generally keep it to myself, but you know what- fuck it.

The Initial Spread

April 2017 Tarot Draw

Current Situation

7 Wands

Keywords: Challenge, competition, perseverance, Giving up, overwhelmed, overly protective

Interpretation: I'm standing atop the tower. The tower is also me- aspects of my personality, my life etc. A physical representation of me stands atop the battlement, stick in hand. The people rising up are representations of people/forces I perceive to be attacking or casting aspersions about me, even though the points of the spears are not facing me directly. In essence, I need to stand back and see the image as a whole. I may be too close emotionally to see whats really going on. That said, I should also be ready to defend myself/my character should any of those points come at me, be they from outside influences (other people, circumstances etc) or from within (self doubt, inertia etc)


6 Swords

Keywords: Regretful but necessary transition, rite of passage, Cannot move on, carrying baggage

Interpretation: Its a shame how things change, how people you thought you knew or situations you thought you had a handle on change swiftly. It's a harsh but necessary lesson to be learned. I'm the ferryman. I want to wallow in self pity, to rage against the unjust actions of others, however I am also the source of propultion. My oar is in the water, so although I am still hurt and angry at others as well as myself, I also know I can't stay in this place. It is neither healthy nor productive to allow others to have that sort of emotional hold over me. I'm also the woman in the boat, facing the light and ready to disembark the boat. Despite the calm waters and seeming lack of movement, I'm looking forward which means I've already figured out the issues I need to deal with. The small smile on her face means I know the solution and am looking forward to the resolution.


Prince of Swords

Keywords: Opinionated, hasty, action-oriented, communicative, Scattered thought, disregard for consequences

Interpretation: The prince is youthful, rash and divisive. The advice here is partially encouragement to forge ahead. There are new paths in life and work to explore. I can throw myself full force into the things I love doing without worrying. It is also a warning, however, to remember leaping without due consideration will also be a mistake. Consider the options and, instead of taking on too much at one time, focus my attention on two or three options that will allow me to reap rewards at a later date.

Not bad for a bunch of pictures on cards, right?

So the overall theme I make of this is that it's time to rid myself of excess baggage, stop worrying about people/things I have no control over but be prepared to work my ass off. It's pretty much a "fine, bad things have happened now enough of the pity-party, you've got shit to do". In all fairness, it's all stuff I knew I needed to do, but the thing I like about tarot is that because I'm a visual person, having the images in front of me give me a chance to effectively organise my thoughts, kick myself up the arse and start working on projects I want to work on, rather than sitting around hoping something will happen.

Here's the thing: there's nothing magical or mystical about any of this. The universe isn't going to provide jack shit for me. It's up to me to work towards the things I want, be that a career in art, writing, audio or one massive hodgepodge of everything. No one's going to do it for me.

And with that, here's to a month of hard work and visible results.

Fucking Hailya.

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