The Ray Bradbury Challenge

Whyfore you do the Ray Bradbury Challenge?

Because I’m an idiot?

Probably, but mostly because I realised recently that I’ve been slacking on my reading and through had I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for writing. I don’t know why. I’ve always been that way. Since I can’t exactly have a career as a writer without actually, you know, getting words on pages, I decided I should do something about it. Since I can’t do anything by halves, it seems, I decided to take on the Ray Bradbury Challenge- because why not? I obviously don’t have enough things to fail at in my life already.

How did you learn about this?

Honestly, no idea. Randomly surfing the internet and I ended up clicking a link. Now I’ve lost the link because I’m a paranoid sort that has my history cleared when I close my browser. It looked fun though.

The Challenge:

  1. Write a short story every week for 52 weeks.
  2. Every day read a short story, a poem and an essay for 1000 days.


Now here’s the thing- I am a busy wench. I’ve got shit I need to get done, and since it’s next to impossible to read a book and paint, I’m putting my own spin on things. In all three categories I’m counting audio.

Fiction wise I have subscriptions to a few podcasters such as Nightmare or Lightspeed Magazine. I also count fictional podcasts like Mars Corp, The Black Tapes etc.

For Essays, I’ve got philosophy books on my kindle and a few other factual podcasts such as Long Now Seminars, In Our Time and The Essay.

Poetry wise, I’m hunting out my old books from school and (you guessed it) more podcasts.

Recommendations are always more than welcome.

To what end?

The idea is to branch out into stuff I wouldn’t actively seek out as part of my entertainment- and especially find stuff with differing opinions to my own. I want something that’s going to challenge me as a person and improve me as a writer. Diving out of my comfort zone is part of that. It might also spark the creativity and joy in my own writing that seems to be lacking.

I dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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