The Ray Bradbury Challenge: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Ray Bradbury Challenge. This week we have cyborgs, revenge and love as the theme… which took me a goodly while to think up a story that made any vague sort of sense. Enjoy.

What I wrote:

  • The Story: Dear Margeurite…
  • The Genre: Romance/Historical
  • The Plot: An angry cyborg disguises itself as an old enemy with the help of a stuffed toy.

It’s pretty safe to say that, once again I missed the genre completely and wrote way outside of my comfort zone by making this more sci-fi than historical romance. It’s pretty bare bones as far as sci-fi goes, but I’m thinking this may have potential in the future if I develop it a bit more… that said, considering these stories are meant as practice and are more for getting the juices flowing, I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll hate it by morning though.

What I read:

Wednesday (day 8):
  • Short Story: Welcome to the Lost Place: The Lift Podcast
  • Essay: The British Castle: A Woman’s Place by Roberta Gilchcrist on BBC3’s The Essay
  • Poem: Keough Hall by Francisco Aragón
Thursday (day 9):
Friday (day 10):
Saturday (day 11):
  • Short Story: What are Jelly Babies by Mark Nixon (The Lift Podcast) –
  • Essay: The Broom Cottages by Elizabeth Edwards for BBC3;s The Essay
  • Poem: Ghost, Fountain by Elise Paschen
Sunday (day 12):
  • Short Story: Emotional Eaters by C Bryan Brown (The Lift Podcast)
  • Essay: Cultural Rights in the 20th Century by In Our Time Philosophy
  • Poem: (Demilitarized Zone) by Sun Yung Shin
Monday (day 13):
  • Short Story: Broken by Daniel Foytik (The Lift Podcast)
  • Essay: Good and Evil by In Our Time: Philosophy
  • Poem: Anti- Elegy by Thomas Centolella
Tuesday (day 14):

The Wrap Up:

So I think it’s fairly easy to say The Lift is fast becoming one of my favourite podcasts. I love hearing the different stories and Victoria is an excellent creepy saviour/condemner of souls. The different essays I’m listening to are also interesting. I haven’t really run into anything that truly challenges my world view yet, but I have no doubt I will soon enough. Poetry is rough going. It really isn’t my sort of thing, but I am starting to appreciate it more. I am left with the impression that I really should think about word choice and cutting out everything that isn’t strictly necessary. Hmm. I’m looking forward to next week too.

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