The Ray Bradbury Challenge: Week 3

This week has been a shit of a week to get through. I’ve been battling a headache pretty much every day and seem to be sliding into something of a slump mental/mood wise. I’ve struggled to find the motivation to do anything and have mostly been thinking about everything I need to do to move forward. It’s all huge. Even when I break it into small chunks it seems insurmountable. Still… life goes on and shit needs to get done so here we go.

What I wrote:

  • The Story: The Changing Tide
  • The Genre:  Drama/Fantasy
  • The Plot: A persecuted advisor must find a village by finding the city.

I cant lie… this one took me forever to wrap my head around, but the genre was something I was more familiar with so that helped.  Here’s hoping it makes slightly more sense than last week’s short story.

What I read:

Wednesday (day 15):

Thursday (day 16):

Friday (day 17):

Saturday (day 18):

Sunday (day 19):

Monday (day 20):

Tuesday (day 21):

  • Short Story: Hero by Davian Aw
  • Essay: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread by Rabbi Julia Neuberger
  • Poem: Domestic Violence by Roger Reeves

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