The Ray Bradbury Challenge: Week 8

Welcome to Week Eight of the Ray Bradbury Challenge. This week we’re working on a slightly different prompt that has left me with a small flash piece of fiction. I don’t generally write flash as I tend to word-vomit, but I actually enjoyed writing this piece. It was fun to just take a scene and write without context or thought for further development. It’s not my favourite form of story, but one I’ll definitely play with now and again.

What I wrote:

  • The Story: Master of the Stage
  • The Genre:  n/a
  • The Prompt: Blood trickled down her delicate chin.

What I read:

Wednesday (day 50):

Thursday (day 51):

Friday (day 52):

Saturday (day 53):

Sunday (day 54):

Monday (day 55):

Tuesday (day 56):

I would definitely recommend the UK True Crime Podcast. It looks into the less famous crimes that occur through the UK, and ranges from murder, to financial fraud. What I like most about it though, is that despite the subject matter, it’s actually a very relaxing podcast to listen to, being just the narrator’s voice. It’s not overly produced, there’s no sound beds or dramatic music, and the odd vocal stumble is still there, giving this a very British feel and realness.

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