The Ray Bradbury Challenge


Being a smart sort of chick-a-doodle, and having been in a writing slump for more months than I could remember, I did a quick internet search for a writing challenge. The Ray Bradbury Challenge was the one that came up and the one I clicked on.


There are two stages to this.

  1.  Read a short story, an essay and a poem every day for 1000 days
  2.  Write a short story every week for a year.


  1. Do not think about quality. This is about quantity, and churning out stories so that I am outside of my comfort zone and improving every time.
  2. Fictional podcasts count as stories, factual podcasts count as essays and poems. (I like listening to stuff as I paint. I may as well absorb as much as I can while I can)

What I’ve Written
What I’ve Read

Week 1: The Mourning of the Hunt
Week 2: Dear Margeurite…
Week 3: The Changing Tide
Week 4: The Last Bus Home
Week 5: Letters on a Wall
Week 6: No Rest for the Wicked
Week 7: New Quest in your Inventory
Week 8: Master of the Stage
Week 9: The Trouble with Summoning a Demon
Week 10: Will You be My Friend?
Week 11: Sorry
Week 12: How Did That Get There
Week 13:
Week 14:
Week 15:
Week 16:
Week 17:
Week 18:
Week 19:
Week 20:
Week 21:
Week 22:
Week 23:
Week 24:
Week 25:

2nd Quarter

Days 85 – 91

Days 92 – 98

Days 99 – 105

Days 106 – 112

Days 113 – 119

Days 120 – 126

Days 127 – 133

3rd Quarter
4th Quarter


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